What’s the Difference Between Closed Cell Foam Spray and Open Cell Foam Spray?

There are a number of advantages in using spray foam insulation, the most common being the speed with which large areas can be covered and the fact that you can fill hard to reach spaces with little or no effort.

It’s one of the main reasons why foam insulation has become more popular in recent times for areas like the loft or attic spaces. Because these loft insulation jobs can often be completed within just a single day and could well last 25 years or more, the return on investment is pretty good for most homeowners.

Customers don’t know, however, that there are actually two different types of foam spray – closed cell and open cell. It’s important to know what these two terms mean and how choosing one over the other can impact on the insulation that you have installed.

Picking the wrong one for your loft insulation, for example, can mean you don’t get the full coverage you are looking for.

Open Cell Foam Spray

With open cell foam, when the mixture is sprayed onto a wall it expands as usual. Once this is complete, however, rather than a densely packed insulated area there are thousands of small connections between all the different bubbles in the foam.

This makes it a lot less dense than the closed cell variety which is the one most reputable companies use. It means the insulation is not as effective. Essentially, heat can escape through the gaps in the material. In addition, open cell foam is not as water resistant because of these gaps which create paths for moisture to get in and out. Moisture can, over time, lead to mould and mildew growing and can even attract bacteria.

You need a lot more open cell foam spray to fill a particular area. While it is less expensive, it does not always provide the full coverage that you get from closed cell spray foams. The upshot is, if you want insulation that works for you over a long period of years, closed cell spray foam is generally the best option.

The Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

We use closed cell foam simply because it has much better heat resistant properties and is more cost effective in the long run. Each bubble of air formed in the foam is sealed off and creates a denser coat that provides greater insulation across large areas. Closed cell, as you might have guessed, is also water resistant and feels rigid and much stronger than open cell spray. Because it is stronger, it’s also longer lasting, which is why we can offer 25 year warranties for all our installations.

If you are contracting a reputable spray foam installer, they will undoubtedly be using closed cell spray rather than open cell. In simple terms, it has more of the properties that you need from good, long lasting insulation.

If you would like to find out how spray foam loft insulation can transform your home and reduce your heating bills, contact the team at Foam Spray Insulation Ltd today.

July 1st, 2018|