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Water Stops and Trench Breakers
A safer and faster solution

Water Stops and Trench Breakers

Foamspray Insulation - the safer and faster solution for trench breakers and water stops.

One of the most important elements to be addressed during the construction of a pipeline is ensuring that appropriate water control measures are in place.

Prior to back-filling the trench, Foamspray Insulation trench breakers and water stops should be installed to control excessive amounts of water from flowing through the porous soil material, compromising the stability of the pipeline.

These breakers and water stops also prevent erosion and wash-out of the soils within the trench.

Foamspray Insulation offers many advantages over alternative options such as sandbags

  • Safety – Foamspray Insulation can be installed from ground level, thus eliminating the need to work within the trench
  • Efficiency – trench breakers and water stops can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install one trench breaker or water stop using sandbags
  • Performance – the foam’s superior adhesion contours to the shape of the trench and pipeline, creating a completely water-tight seal, eliminating soil erosion
  • Value for money – less labour intensive and time consuming than using sandbags
  • Durability – forms a watertight barrier which will not break down over time

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